Cutting & Styling

Women's Design Cut and Style .... $45+ learn more

Precision hair cut with a detailed consultation and shampoo with our high end product line. Finished with a technical and clean style to fit your cut and facial features.

Specialty Cut/Razor Cut .... $65+ learn more

A lived in piece-y take on our traditional haircut, this advanced technique of hair cutting is great for long and short hair to add texture.

Pixie Cut .... $45+ learn more

This specialty short women’s haircut is super versatile. Great for all ages, we carefully design a cut just for you to fit and flatter your features and style. A pixie can be a great classic style as well as a unique and bold choice.

Men's Cut .... $25+ learn more

Detailed cuts for men. Including a shampoo after finished cut to remove lose hair. Finished and styled to fit style and cut.

Children and Teen's Cut .... $20+ learn more

Precision hair cuts for your children and teen! Prices vary with age and hair length/desired style! Each cut includes consultation, shampoo, and finished style!

Shampoo & Blow Out .... $35+ learn more

Perfect for those nights out on the town – a shampoo and blow out is the perfect way to have your hair styled before a date night, special event, or just because you deserve it! This service starts out with a stimulating shampoo, a mini lesson on products used for your style, and a finishing treatment selected for your desired look! Let us take the busy work out of getting ready for you with this amazing offer!

Upstyles .... $75+ learn more

These designs are created for that special occasion. Prom, charity events, parties, or anytime a client wants a special elegant, unique, or just that tousled look. Upstyles are created by all of our amazing stylists. From sexy curls to a sleek updo style – our stylists will have you looking just as special as the occasion you are attending!

Weddings .... $95+ learn more

Wedding parties: brides, bridesmaid, flower girls, mothers, are all welcomed! It’s fun to make a party in the salon for entire bridal party! Unique styles are created for each individual, making sure all of the wedding party feels unique and special. Hair and makeup trials are highly recommended for the bride! Mobile Services for Bridal Parties are valuable as well. Inquire within the salon for more information!


Root Touch Up .... $95+ learn more

Color is applied just at the roots to cover grays and maintain your overall color. This is a shorter application process.

All Over Single Process Color .... $110+ learn more

One single color is applied all over the head. This is a shorter application process. (Note: Most color corrections can not be fixed with this process, typically you will need at least a double.)

Partial Highlights .... $95+ learn more

Highlights are placed around the face and crown to brighten and frame. The application is approximately 45 minutes long.

Full Highlights .... $110+ learn more

Highlights are applied around the entire head. This requires more time to be added to the application process.

Double Process Color .... $140+ learn more

One color is applied at the roots to cover grays. Then you will wait for the root color to process. The root color is washed out, and you are lightly blow dried. Your stylist will then do either a partial or full highlight. You will then wait for your foils to process, with the final steps being washing the color out, your cut, and blow dried.

Ombré .... $160+ learn more

Ombré is the gradual lightening of the hair fading from a darker root to lighter shade at the ends. Ombré can be subtle or striking, depending on the technique and level of lightness. This requires added time to the application process.

Sombré .... $160+ learn more

Similar to the Ombré with the lighter sections of hair starting higher and the lower lengths having pieces of darker color for a more gradual transition.

Fashion Colors .... Upon Consultation learn more

Fashion colors (i.e. pink, purple, blue) requires a 15 minute free consultation before the color appointment to ensure we have the colors in stock and proper booking. We also require 1/2 the amount of the appointment to hold your spot due to most fashion colors taking a few hours to complete.

Color Correction .... Upon Consultation learn more

Whenever you need to drastically fix a bad color or you want to drastically change your color, we require a consultation beforehand to ensure correct booking and pricing.

Babylights .... $125+ learn more

Detailed placement of thin foil highlights around the face and body of the hair designed specifically to flatter your features and either subtly or noticeably enhance your hair color.

Hand Painted Balayage Highlights .... $160+ learn more

A low maintenance alternative to traditional foil highlights, these highlights are free hand painted onto the hair and allowed to gently lift in open air.

Color Melt .... Upon Consultation learn more

Hair color graduation creating a shadowed root look from dark roots to light ends where hair color is gently gradually pulled down.

Foilayage .... $160+ learn more

A brighter option for those that like the Balayage look, but want a lighter, higher contrast look. Hand painted highlights both on and off the scalp insulated by foil.

Texture and Treatments

Pravana Perfection Smoothout .... $150+ learn more

Frizz free hair! Adds shine and brilliance to the hair. Great for wavy, curly, porous hair. Plant based and last up to 3 months!

Olaplex treatment .... Upon Consultation learn more
Malibu treatment .... Upon Consultation learn more

Everything from a hard water treatment to remove harsh minerals that discolor hair, a treatment made specially for swimmers to remove chlorine buildup, and a restorative treatment for Blondes to extend time between highlight services, we offer a variety of Malibu treatments to suit your needs that can be added on to any service.